Sales leaflet for Tamenuri 'Midoridame'

Tamenuri is an ancient traditional Japanese urushi technique.

Translucent suki-urushi is applied to the special base coating, resulting in a unique deep patina which will naturally lighten and mature with use over time.

The artist Mr. Koushu Nishihara has hand painted his signature and the limited number on each barrel.

A limited edition of only 88 pieces worldwide.

10-3056 Midoridame - cap on.jpg

Model name: Tamenuri Midoridame

Artist: Koushu Nishihara

Number: 10-3056-468 (M) and 10-3056-668 (B)

Material: Ebonite

Filling system: Converter & Cartridge type

Nib selection: M or B 21K Gold with gold plating

Limited edition: Individually numbered – 88 pieces worldwide