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Model name: “Kurenai”

Artist: Wataru Kurotobi

Number: 10-9343

Shape and materials: KOP Ebonite with maki-e decorations

Filling system: Converter & Cartridge type

Nib selection: M, B 21K Gold nib

Limited Edition: Invididually numbered – 33 pieces worldwide


It is sunset – ‘Yuuyake’ and the tranquil forest displays a deep crimson red color (“Kurenai”).

This is the special time when the deep red light seeps through the dark green of the trees before night finally falls.

The gradation of the yellow to dark green portrays the ever changing of color in the forest with the gradual fading of the day at sunset.

The artist has created the specially colored maki-e design to share the feeling of the passing moments in time as the light of sunset seeps through the trees.

The King of Pens in Ebonite has been chosen for this masterpiece. Available in Medium and Broad solid 21K gold nibs.