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Model name: “Kai”

Artist: Wataru Kurotobi

Number: 10-9962

Shape and materials: KOP Ebonite base with maki-e decorations

Filling system: Converter & Cartridge type

Nib selection: M, B 21K Gold nib with rhodium trim

Limited Edition: Individually numbered – 33 pieces worldwide


Dawn has just arrived and the first glimmers of light stir the sleepy blue darkness of the Sea and the Sky.

Gradually bubble filled surf and waves appear and the colors change – darker, lighter blue to white with the slowly emerging daylight. The artist has perfectly captured and recreated the colors of the Sea with the onset of the daybreak.

The King of Pens in Ebonite with Chrome accents and Rhodium plated solid 21K gold nib has been specially chosen for this artistic masterpiece. Available in Medium and Broad nib grades only.