Dragonfly and Waterfall 1
Dragonfly and Waterfall - uncapped

Model Name: Dragonfly and Waterfall

Number: 10-8500-*20

Shape and Materials: KOP Ebonite body size with maki-e decoration

Filling System: Converter & Cartridge type

Nib selection: M, B 21K Gold nib with chrome accents

Limited Edition: Individually numbered, 28 pieces worldwide.

Dragonflies are one of the oldest living insects dating back to the Dinosaur age, over 300 million years ago. There are over 3000 different species and they are found in every continent except Antarctica. Japan itself was known as Akitsushima (Dragonfly island) which has 172 species of Dragonfly (Tombo).

Symbolic of Summer and Autumn, the 'Tombo' represents Power, Agility and Victory, and in China signifies Prosperity, Harmony and good luck.

In ancient mythology it is said that after St. George wounded the Dragon, his horse was turned into a giant flying insect - Dragonfly.

Sailor proudly announce this fourth model in the series of special limited edition Fountain pens called "Taki to Shizen" (Waterfalls and Nature) by Maki-e artist Ikki Moroike.

A special edition of only 28 pieces worldwide.

Dragonfly and Waterfall nib close up 1
Leaflet for Dragonfly and Waterfall