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Taki to Higuma (Brown Bear and Waterfall)

  The end of 2018 will see the introduction of a new 28 piece limited edition pen in the highly acclaimed “Waterfalls and Nature” series by Ikki Moroike. After the exceptional reception of “Carp and Waterfall” in 2016, followed by”Kingfisher and Waterfall” in 2017, Sailor presents “Brown Bear and Waterfall”, the third entry in this…

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NEW: Professional Gear Ocean

  Following the success of PG Sky and PG Earth, we present you the next model in the series: PG Ocean. Available in all 3 sizes (King Pro Gear, Regular 21k and Slim 14k) this special production features a beautiful aquamarine color that is slightly translucent towards the gripping section and allows for some really…

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