Carp and Waterfall

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Model name: “Koi no Takinobori” (Carp and Waterfall)

Artist: Ikki Moroike

Number: 10-9464-*20

Shape and materials: KOP Ebonite base with maki-e decoration

Filling system: Converter & Cartridge type

Nib selection: M, B 21K Gold nib – duo tone

Limited edition: Individually numbered – 28 pieces worldwide



Ancient Japanese folklore tells of the very determined Koi Carp striving to reach the top of the rapids of the river. The Koi Carp refused to give up and struggled on and finally reached the top of the falls. The Gods approved of the continued efforts of this heroic achievement and transformed the Carp into an eternal golden dragon.

Koi carp evoke images of energy, power and courage and are symbolic of perseverance and endurance in overcoming adversity and finally achieving one’s goals in life.

In celebration of this legend on May 5th every year Japanese families will fly carp streamers in the wind for ‘Kodomo no Hi’ –Children’s Day festival. The streamers represent the sending of one’s children into the wide world to achieve success through determination.