Waterfall and Brown Bear front
Waterfall and Brown Bear capless

Model Name: Taki to Higuma (Brown Bear and Waterfall)

Number: 10-9468-*20

Shape and Materials: KOP Ebonite body size with maki-e decoration

Filling System: Converter & Cartridge type

Nib selection: M, B 21K Gold nib with chrome accents

Limited Edition: Individually numbered, 28 pieces worldwide.

Brown Bears are one of the largest living terrestrial Carnivores on Earth. They live in parts of Russia, Central Asia, China, Canada, USA (mostly Alaska), Scandinavia, Romania and Turkey (Anatolia and Caucasus). The Brown Bear is recognised in several European countries as the National or State Animal.

The Kamchatka Brown bear is the largest of the sub species found in Eastern Siberia and Northern Japan. These bears have been known to reach 850 Kg and stand over 3 meters tall!

The habitat of these Bears is mostly mountainous woodlands.

They are largely nocturnal and are omnivorous (mostly herbivorous diet) but do also eat invertebrates and salmon in the spawning season. The Brown Bears wait at the waterfalls for the leaping salmon and often catch the fish in their mouths or they wade in the shallows and use their enormous claws.

Sailor proudly announce this third model in the series of limited edition fountain pens called Taki to Higuma (Brown Bear and Waterfall) by maki-e artist Ikki Moroike.

A special edition of only 28 pieces worldwide.

Waterfall and Brown Bear close-up nib
Waterfall and Brown Bear close-up bear
Brown Bear and Waterfall leaflet